Shutter Types and Materials

Let us help you choose the perfect shutters to complement your space

Below is a brief overview of the benefits and differences of each type of shutter that we offer. Whether you’re looking for affordable shutters for the Victorian bay window in your lounge, or in need of privacy in your master bathroom, our shutters are always fantastic value and quality.

We have a solution for most windows, including all types of bay windows (three section bay, sunshine bay, box bay), wooden sash and PVC windows, patio and french doors, and even those less common special shaped windows (arched, circular, triangular) – Whatever the window, we’ve got it covered.

Shutter Style Options

Full Height

Brighton Shutters

From top to bottom, Full Height shutter panels cover the full length of your windows. Classic and long-lasting, they are perfect for any room. Full Height shutters are great for blocking out light and providing privacy, and will stand the test of time, both in style and durability. Our most popular shutter style.

Tier On Tier

Wooden Shutters Brighton

Tier on Tier Shutters provide the best of both worlds. Full coverage when you need it, as well as the option to open top and bottom panels independently, giving you complete control of light and privacy as required.

Café Style

Café Style shutter panels cover the bottom half of your windows only. Perfect for maximising light in the room whilst maintaining your privacy. Great for street level living spaces.

Material Options

To keep it simple we only offer four types of material: Paulownia, Basswood, Ash and Hybra

Plantation shutters are a timeless classic, intended to last for years to come. That’s why all of our options are made from the highest quality durable hardwoods. With all of our shutter styles we offer various options including different wood finishes, paints and stains, as well as slat size, rod and hinge options, to make your shutters truly yours.

For custom colours and special shaped windows get in touch for more information.

Our Ranges

Paulownia has a smooth painted finish, is lightweight and available in a range of paints and stains.
Basswood is also smooth and durable, with a more premium feel.
Ash is our premium offering and has a visible deep grain and lots of character.
Hybra is our best value product, a hybrid combining all the great benefits of hardwood frames and panels, with a Polyvinyl slat.