Window Shutters & Blinds: Plantation Shutters in Haywards Heath

plantation shutters in Haywards Heath

Do plantation shutters in Haywards Heath add value?

Are you looking for Plantation Shutters in Haywards Heath or other areas of the south of England? A Window Shutter, also known as a Plantation Shutter, is a style of solid panel window covering made up of a robust frame with horizontal louvres or slats. Originally intended for use on big plantations and farmhouses in South America (thus the name), they were created as a replacement for curtains that were deemed too heavy for the region’s sub-tropical temperature. Due to their utility and attractiveness, they have quickly increased in popularity in both America and Europe since their introduction to homes and farmhouses. Even now, they are being reintroduced into Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian mansions to restore their former grandeur.

We’ve installed shutters in a variety of residences in the past, including new constructions, and interior shutters which are ideal for bay windows and living rooms. They can, however, be employed in a variety of additional ways that most people are unaware of. Full-height versions can be used on French doors, conservatories, houseboats, and even closet doors! Plantation shutters will be offered with the house because they are designed to match your windows. The good news is that shutters, especially high-quality shutters, can increase your home’s appraised worth. You can get in contact with us for more information and advice on the value shutters can add to your property.

Are shutters better than blinds and curtains?

While shutters may be more expensive in some cases, their adaptability means they are a better value than curtains or blinds. There is no better window dressing alternative if you value privacy, light control, efficiency, and durability. Shutters are beautiful on their own, but they’re much better when paired with blinds. Shutters help to insulate, soundproof, and regulate the amount of light that enters a room. Blinds boost insulation even further, and with thick lining, they can even offer a solid panel blackout effect.

You can get in contact with us at We Shutter for advice and information on both shutters and blinds. We have reviews for you to see how satisfied our customers have been with their customer made shutters for those in Haywards Heath.

Can I get a free home design when I purchase shutters?

If you’re looking to purchase shutters for your home in Haywards Heath or other areas of Sussex, look no further. At We Shutter, they offer a wide range of plantation shutters and services that cover all aspects of shutter installation. We are a family-owned and operated plantation shutter company that provides comprehensive free home design, measurement, and installation services. We Shutter is based in Brighton and provides services in Sussex and the neighbouring areas. We will come to your home in Haywards Heath and measure each window, inspect awnings and discuss the design theme, the best shutters suited to each window. You may find full height tier or tier cafe-style wooden shutters would look best ascetically. 

Some people may find they want blinds or curtains, as well as shutters on the windows of their home. We Shutter ensures guaranteed satisfaction with made to order shutters that will fit each window perfectly. You can get in touch with us online with the contact form for a free quote on shutters and advice on blinds in Haywards Heath.

Would Weshutters provide a free home survey for us?

To begin, contact us for a free, no-obligation home visit at a time that is convenient for you. We’ll come to you, take measurements, show you our samples, and provide a free home survey for your windows. Tell us what you’re looking for, or let us help you find the ideal shutters. We’ll then send you an official quote that includes the cost of the shutters, as well as installation. We have a showroom online for you to view the shutters we have made and provided for past clients. At We shutter, we provide shutters in Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas of Sussex. The survey should not take long to conduct and times will vary depending on the amount of window shutters you require. 

Then, after you’re satisfied with your price and want to proceed, we’ll need a deposit to place an order with our manufacturer. Your custom shutters will be delivered in accordance with our current lead times. We’ll schedule a time to return and install them. The balance is due 48 hours before the installation.We